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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Crankshaft and Bearing Removal

    Identify all the connecting rod bearing caps (1).
  1. Identify all the connecting rod bearing caps (1).

  2. Remove the 4 bolts.
  3. Remove the connecting rod bearing caps 1 and 4 (1).
  4. Turn the crankshaft through 180°.

  5. Remove the 4 bolts.
  6. Remove the connecting rod bearing caps 2 and 3 (1).
  7. Identify the crankshaft bearing caps.

  8. Remove the crankshaft bearing caps (1).
  9. Remove the 10 bolts.
  10. Remove the crankshaft (2).
  11. Remove the crankshaft bearing clips.
Crankshaft and Bearing Installation
Special Tools EN-45059 Torque Angle Sensor Kit For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools Note: Inspect the installation position. Install the crankshaft bearing cl ...

Front Wheel Drive Intermediate Shaft Replacement
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