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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Front Bumper Fascia Replacement

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Front Bumper Fascia Replacement


Component Name

Preliminary Procedures

  1. Remove the radiator opening upper cover. Refer to Front Opening Upper Cover Replacement.
  2. Remove the front bumper opening lower cover. Refer to Front Bumper Fascia Opening Lower Cover Replacement.
  3. Remove the front wheelhouse front liner. Refer to Front Wheelhouse Liner Replacement.
  4. Disconnect the ambient air temperature sensor from the lower grille.


Front Bumper Fascia Screw (Qty:?€‰2)


Refer to Fastener Caution.


6?€‰Y (53?€‰lb?€‰in)


Front Bumper Fascia Lower Screw (Qty:?€‰2)


6?€‰Y (53?€‰lb?€‰in)


Front Bumper Fascia


  1. Carefully push a small nylon wedge between the fascia and the bracket to separate the joint slightly.
  2. Spray a mixture of soap and clean drinkable water into the joint, to act as a lubricant.
  3. Insert a small flat-bladed tool or plastic trim tool into the fascia slot and depress the tabs one at a time. Pull the front bumper fascia carefully forward and outward in order to release the retaining tabs from the front bumper fascia guides.
  4. Disconnect the electrical connectors.
  5. On reassembly of the front fascia to the vehicle, ensure the 4?€‰support retainers on the inside of the radiator grille bumper are in position to the front bumper fascia center support bracket.
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