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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Input and Output Speed Sensor Removal

Input and Output Speed Sensor Removal


Component Name


A/Trans Output Speed Sensor Bolt M6 x 18 (Qty: 1)


A/Trans Output Speed Sensor Assembly


Input Speed Sensor Bolt M6 x 23 (Qty: 1)


Input Speed Sensor Assembly


Compress the locking tabs on the plug to release it from the case and to avoid damaging the retainers.


Input Speed Sensor Assembly Seals (Qty: 3)


Discard the seals. They are not reusable.

Input and Output Speed Sensor Installation
Input and Output Speed Sensor Installation Callout Component Name 1 Input Speed Sensor Assembly Seals 2 ...

Output Speed Sensor Replacement
Output Speed Sensor Replacement Callout Component Name Preliminary Procedure Remove the control valve body. Refer to Control Va ...

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