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  • DO NOT program a control module unless directed to by a service procedure or a service bulletin. If the ECU is not properly configured with the correct calibration software, the ECU will not control all of the vehicle features properly.
  • Ensure the programming tool is equipped with the latest software and is securely connected to the data link connector. If there is an interruption during programming, programming failure or ECU damage may occur.
  • Stable battery voltage is critical during programming. Any fluctuation, spiking, over voltage or loss of voltage will interrupt programming. Install the EL-49642 SPS Programming Support Tool to maintain system voltage. If not available, connect a fully charged 12 V jumper or booster pack disconnected from the AC voltage supply. DO NOT connect a battery charger.
  • Turn OFF or disable systems that may put a load on the vehicles battery such as; interior lights, exterior lights (including daytime running lights), HVAC, radio, etc.
  • During the programming procedure, follow the SPS prompts for the correct ignition switch position.
  • Clear DTCs after programming is complete. Clearing powertrain DTCs will set the Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) system status indicators to NO.
Diagnostic Aids
  • During radio programming you may be required to select multiple calibrations dependant upon vehicle equipment. Have the vehicle build/RPO information available during the following procedure to ensure the correct calibrations are selected.
  • The XM satellite radio (if equipped) is integrated into the radio. If XM was activated in the previous radio, the replacement radio will require no additional activation steps. Customer subscription information is transferred to the replacement radio when a replacement radio is ordered.
Reference Information
Special Tools

EL-49642 SPS Programming Support Tool

For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools.

Replace and Program Control Module or Reprogram Control Module

To program a replacement or an existing ECU, perform the following procedure:

Unsuccessful Programming Recovery

In the event of an interrupted or unsuccessful programming event, perform the following steps:

  • If the control module cannot be reprogrammed
  • If the control module cannot be reprogrammed, replace the control module.
  • If the control module can be reprogrammed.
  • All OK.
    • If the control module can be reprogrammed
  • All OK.
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