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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Rear Compartment Lid Adjustment

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Rear Compartment Lid Adjustment


Component Name


Rear Compartment Lid


Refer to Fastener Caution


  1. Loosen the rear compartment lid hinge bolts (Qty:?€‰4) to adjust the rear compartment lid.
  2. Adjust the rear compartment lid in order to obtain an even gap between the rear compartment lid and the quarter outer pan the rear fog lamp and the rear bumper fascia and so that the rear compartment lid is flush with the quarter outer panel, the rear fog lamp and the rear bumper fascia.
  • Rear compartment lid to quarter outer panel

    (a) 3.0?€‰mm ?± 0.75?€‰mm (0.12?€‰in ?± 0.03?€‰in)

  • Tail lamp to rear compartment lid

    (b) 3.0?€‰mm ?± 1.0?€‰mm (0.12?€‰in ?± 0.04?€‰in)

  • Rear compartment lid to rear bumper fascia

    (c) 5.5?€‰mm ?± 1.5?€‰mm (0.22?€‰in ?± 0.06?€‰in)


22?€‰Y (16?€‰lb?€‰ft)

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