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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Rear Disc Brake Mounting and Hardware Inspection

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Chassis / Brakes / Disc Brakes / Rear Disc Brake Mounting and Hardware Inspection


Refer to Brake Dust Warning.


    Support the brake caliper with heavy mechanic wire, or equivalent, whenever it is separated from its mount and the hydraulic flexible brake hose is still connected. Failure to support the caliper in this manner will cause the flexible brake hose to bear the weight of the caliper, which may cause damage to the brake hose and in turn may cause a brake fluid leak.

  1. Without disconnecting the hydraulic brake hose fitting, remove rear brake caliper and support with heavy mechanics wire. Refer to Rear Disc Brake Pads Replacement.

  2. Remove the disc brake pads (1) from the brake caliper mounting bracket (2).
  3. Inspect the disc brake pad mounting hardware (3) for the following:
  • If any of the conditions listed are found, the disc brake pad mounting hardware requires replacement.
  • Ensure the disc brake pads are held firmly in place on the caliper bracket, yet slide easily on the mounting hardware without binding.
  • Install the disc brake pads to the caliper bracket.
  • Install the rear brake caliper to the bracket. Refer to Rear Disc Brake Pads Replacement
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