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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Timing Belt Installation

Special Tools

For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools.


    The timing belt drive gear and oil pump housing must align.

  1. Turn the crankshaft in the direction of engine rotation, by the crankshaft balancer bolt, to cylinder 1 TDC of combustion stroke.

  2. Note:

    The right half of the EN-6340 locking tool can be recognized by the lettering right, arrow, on the tool.

  3. Prepare the right half of the EN-6340 locking tool .
    1. Remove the 2 bolts (2).
    2. Detach the front panel (1) from the EN-6340 locking tool - right.


    • The spot type marking (4) on the intake camshaft adjuster does not correspond to the groove of the EN-6340 locking tool - left (1) during this process, but must be somewhat above.
    • The spot type marking (3) on the exhaust camshaft adjuster must correspond to the groove on EN-6340 locking tool - right (2).
  4. Insert the EN-6340 locking tool - left (1) and the EN-6340 locking tool - right (2) in the camshaft adjuster.

  5. Note:

    Observe direction of rotation.

  6. Insert the timing belt (1).

  7. Apply tension to the timing belt tensioner (2) in the direction of the arrow, using an Allen key (1).
  8. Remove the EN-6333 locking pin  (3).
  9. Note:

    The timing belt tensioner moves automatically to the correct position.

  10. Release tension on timing belt tensioner.
  11. Remove the EN-6340 locking tool .
  12. Check position of the camshaft sprocket.
    1. Turn crankshaft 720° in the direction of engine rotation by the crankshaft balancer bolt.
    2. Note:

      Note the marking on the camshaft sprocket.

    3. Insert EN-6340 locking tool into camshaft sprockets.


    The timing belt drive gear and oil pump housing must align.

  13. Check the crankshaft position.
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