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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Adjusting the vents

You can open and close the vents using the thumbwheels. The levers adjust the direction of the airflow from the vents.

Additional settings

You can adjust additional settings.


Applies to: vehicles with fragrance function

Using Fragrance selection, you can select the fragrance and see the fill level of the fragrance.

You can select the strength of the scent with Fragrance level.

Footwell temperature

Applies to: vehicles with footwell heating

You can adjust the footwell temperature for the driver and front passenger.

Air quality indicator

Applies to: vehicles with air quality display

Fig. 89 Upper display: air quality indicator

Fig. 89 Upper display: air quality indicator

You can display information about the air quality.

Active combination filter

Applies to: vehicles without particulate matter sensor

A schematic display represents the effectiveness of the filter. The display visualizes the amount of pollutant particles in the vehicle interior in comparison to the surroundings.

Particulate matter sensor

Applies to: vehicles with particulate matter sensor

A sensor detects the particulate matter concentration (PM2.5) outside and inside the vehicle.

The detected values are displayed as the air quality index (AQI) on a colored scale (1). A value in the green range indicates very good air quality.

The system displays the approximate values, which may differ from actual conditions. In certain situations, no values or values that appear to be implausible may be displayed temporarily, or the system may only be available to a limited extent:


Steering wheel heating

Switching on and off

Applies to: vehicles with steering wheel heating

Press the buttons to turn the functions on or off. One bar in the button or the LED in the button will light up when the function is switched on. Some buttons can have several functions assigned to ...

Fluids in the A/C system
Refrigerant in the A/C system The sticker in the motor compartment provides information about the type and amount of refrigerant used in the vehicle's A/C system. The sticker is located in the front s ...

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