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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Camshaft Timing Chain Removal

Special Tools

For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools.

  1. The engine should be adjusted to TDC.
  2. The crankshaft should be fixed with EN-952 fixing pin.
  3. The camshaft should be fixed with EN-953-A fixing tool.

  4. Push the timing chain (2) in direction to the timing chain tensioner (1) and fix the tensioner with EN-955-10 fixing pin (3).

  5. Remove the 2 upper timing chain guide bolts (1).
  6. Remove the upper timing chain guide (2).

  7. Remove the 2 timing chain guide right side bolts (2).
  8. Remove the timing chain guide right side (1).
  9. ii0/
  10. Remove the timing chain tensioner shoe bolt (2).
  11. Remove the timing chain tensioner shoe (1).

  12. Remove the timing chain (1) in compound with the crankshaft sprocket (2).
Camshaft Timing Chain Installation
Special Tools EN-952 Fixing Pin EN-953-A Fixing Tool EN-955-10 Fixing Pin from EN-955 Kit For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools. The engine should be adjusted to TDC. ...

Camshaft Timing Chain Replacement
Special Tools EN-955 Locking Pin For equivalent regional tools. Refer to Special Tools. Removal Procedure Remove the engine front cover. Refer to Engine Front Cover with Oil Pum ...

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