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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Central locking

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All doors and the luggage compartment lid can be centrally unlocked and locked at once. You can select in the MMI if the entire vehicle or only the driver's door should unlock when unlocking the vehicle. The turn signals flash twice when you unlock the vehicle and flash once when you lock the vehicle. If they do not flash when locking, check if all doors and lids are closed.

Depending on the vehicle equipment, you may have different options for centrally unlocking and locking your vehicle.

Vehicle key

The term "vehicle key" refers to the remote control key or convenience key*. The convenience key* is a remote control key with special functions.

Power closing*

When closing a door or the luggage compartment lid, you only have to let it fall lightly into the latch. It then closes automatically .

Automatic locking

If you unlock the vehicle but then do not open any of the doors, the luggage compartment, or the hood within a short period time, the vehicle locks again automatically. This feature prevents the vehicle from being accidentally left unlocked for a long period of time.

Automatic locking (Auto Lock)

The Auto Lock function locks all doors and the luggage compartment lid once the speed has exceeded approximately 9 mph (15 km/h). The vehicle will unlock again if the unlock function in the central locking switch is pressed, the "P" selector lever position is selected, or the ignition is switched off.

You can open the doors individually from the inside by pulling the door handle one time. To open the rear doors individually, you must pull the door handle twice.

In the event of a crash with airbag deployment, the doors will also automatically unlock to allow access to the vehicle.

Unintentionally locking yourself out

Only lock your vehicle when all of the doors and the luggage compartment lid are closed and there is no key in the vehicle. This reduces the risk of locking yourself out accidentally.

The following features help to reduce the risk of locking your vehicle key in the vehicle:


Observe the safety precautions.


Applies to: vehicles with power closing


The following applies when locking the vehicle:


Opening and closing

Setting the central locking system
You can adjust the central locking system to your preferences. The settings depend on the vehicle equipment. Applies to MMI: Select on the home screen: VEHICLE > Settings & Service > Cent ...

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