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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Intersection assistant


Fig. 123 Detected cross-traffic
Fig. 123 Detected cross-traffic

Fig. 124 Instrument cluster: directional display from the intersection assistant
Fig. 124 Instrument cluster: directional display from the intersection assistant

General information

The intersection assistant can warn the driver of approaching cross traffic in complex intersections > fig. 123.

The system monitors intersections and exit ramps using the sensors installed in the vehicle that detect the front and side areas around the vehicle. Moving objects that are approaching from behind, such as cars, are detected within the limits of the system . The system can also warn the driver of a potential collision with detected approaching cross traffic in intersections and exit ramps with poor visibility.

Requirements for using the intersection assistant:

Displays, warnings, and braking

Switching the intersection assistant on and off


If or is displayed when there is a malfunction, the intersection assistant functions may be unavailable or may be limited.

A message that indicates the cause and possible solution may appear with some displays. The weather conditions may be too poor or a sensor may be covered. Clean the area in front of the sensors and try to turn the system on again later.

If the malfunction remains, drive to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility immediately to have the malfunction corrected.



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