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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Park assist

General information

Applies to: vehicles with park assist

Park assist plus parks the vehicle after the parking space search and also exits the parking space.

While the driver presses and holds the button and monitors the vehicle's surroundings, park assist plus controls the steering, gear selection, acceleration, and braking.




Follow the legal regulations in the country where you are operating the vehicle when using park assist plus. Park assist plus may be prohibited in some countries. The system may be unavailable in countries where it has been deactivated in order to comply with legal regulations.

Data will not be transmitted to Audi.

The driver is always responsible for adhering to the regulations applicable in the country where the vehicle is being operated.

Parking with the park assists plus

Applies to: vehicles with park assist plus

Fig. 137 Center console: park assist plus button
Fig. 137 Center console: park assist plus button

Fig. 138 Upper display: park assist plus display
Fig. 138 Upper display: park assist plus display

Requirement: a suitable parking space must be found and selected. The vehicle must initially be stationary and the brakes must be pressed.

LED in the button (1)

The LED informs about the availability of park assist plus:

Indicator in the upper display

The current driving maneuver and the status of the park assist plus are shown in the upper display:

  1. Path that the vehicle will travel during the current parking maneuver
  2. End point of the current parking maneuver/ direction change
  3. Park assist plus active
  4. Driving direction display

End of the parking process

The parking process will end automatically once the vehicle has reached the end point in the parking space. After park assist plus finishes parking successfully, the parking lock will be engaged and the parking brake will be set.

Pause park assist plus.



Exiting parking spaces with park assist plus

Applies to: vehicles with park assist plus

If you parked the vehicle in a parallel parking space, park assist plus can help you to exit the space.



Resume steering immediately after the last corrective movement and the takeover prompt, so that the specified steering wheel angle is not recentered.


You can reduce the speed selected by the vehicle or stop the vehicle at any time by pressing the brake pedal.

Parking space search
Applies to: vehicles with assisted parking Fig. 136 Upper display: activated parking space search Activating the parking space search Press in the lower display. Or To activate the parking spac ...

Pausing park assist plus
Applies to: vehicles with park assist plus You can pause park assist plus at any time by releasing the button (1), fig. 137. To resume the process of parking or exiting the parking space, press and ...

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