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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Playing media

Media sources

The following sources can be selected depending on the vehicle equipment:

Accessing media

Playing media files using the MMI

Playing media files using the multifunction steering wheel

Requirement: a media source must contain media files.


Media center

Fig. 158 Center display: media center

There are various categories available in the media center. You can also search for media files across sources. The current music track continues playing while you search the MMI.

Opening the media center

  1. Source symbol
    The symbol for the source that is currently in use is displayed. Depending on the connected device or online media service*, the source symbol may change. As an example, a USB stick is shown connected to the Audi music interface.
  2. Source device name
    The device name of the source that is currently in use is displayed.
  3. Categories
    The media center will display categories depending on vehicle equipment, the connected device, the content of the selected source, and the connection type:
    • Last played tracks
    • Artists
    • Compilations
    • Composers
    • iTunes Radio
    • Audio books
    • Podcasts
    • Genres
    • Videos
    • Tracks
    • Albums

Other categories may be available depending on the service.


All playlists and smart playlists in the source are displayed.

Smart playlists


The folder structure or track/chapter list is displayed.


Applies to: vehicles with Audi connect Infotainment


Media functions

Fig. 159 Upper display: left side: playback view; right side: playlist


The following functions may be available depending on the selected media source and the vehicle equipment:



Not all functions are available in every source and on every touch display.

Free text search

Applies to: vehicles with free text search

You can search across all active sources, for example for tracks and artists.

Opening the search

Requirement: the selected source must support the search function.

Entries that contain the entered search term are listed in the results list. Each result is marked with the symbol for a category in the media center.

You can search for the following categories:

Options and settings


Context-dependent functions and settings may be available depending on vehicle equipment, the selected source, the connected mobile device, and the connection type.

Requirement: the playback view must be displayed (1) fig. 159.

Play more like this

The track currently playing is quickly analyzed for features such as artist, genre, mood, and beat, and a smart playlist with similar tracks will be shown.

Aspect ratio

Audi recommends the Auto setting for the picture format. If you press on an aspect ratio, you will see a preview of the setting on the screen.

Press OK to apply the selected aspect ratio.

The following table gives an overview of the aspect ratios. The possible aspect ratios depend on the source or video file being played.

Auto The MMI detects the picture format of the source and displays the image in the optimal ratio.

4:3, 16:9 The image is fixed in the corresponding ratio. Select one of these options if the image is distorted or a section of the image is cut off or blurry when Auto is selected.

Zoom The image is enlarged to fill the entire display.

Original The image is displayed in the ratio of the source format. Select this option if the image is distorted or a section of the image is cut off or blurry when Auto is selected.


Accessing settings

Depending on the vehicle equipment, the following settings may be available:

Online additional data

Requirement: the MMI must be connected to the Internet. A data plan must be available.

When the function is switched on, additional information (such as album cover, artist, track) will be loaded depending on the availability.

Supported media and file formats


Depending on the vehicle equipment, media files with the following properties may be supported by the connection for USB storage devices:




The information that follows lists some troubleshooting options. They depend on the equipment.


Multimedia connections
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Audi smartphone interface
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