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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Power windows

Opening and closing the windows

Fig. 32 Driver's door: power window switch
Fig. 32 Driver's door: power window switch

Power window switches:

  1. Left front door
  2. Right front door
  3. Left rear door
  4. Right rear door

Opening and closing the windows

The driver can control all power windows. All power window switches are equipped with a twostage function:

Correcting a malfunction in the one-touch up/down function

If necessary, you can reactivate the one-touch up/ down function if it malfunctions.



Convenience opening and closing

Applies to: vehicles with convenience key

Convenience opening and closing the windows and roof*

You can set in the MMI if all windows or the roof* should open or close all at once, Setting the central locking system.

When all of the windows and the roof* are closed, the turn signals will flash once.


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