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Chevrolet Sonic: manuals and technical data

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Chevrolet Sonic: manuals and technical data

For a long time, buying a subcompact car from a domestic automaker was either completely impossible or an unfortunate circumstance. Now, however, homegrown models are at the segment's forefront both in terms of sales and overall quality. The Chevrolet Sonic is one such example of local talent, a very well-rounded subcompact that stands as one of the top choices in its segment.

The Chevy Sonic represents a quantum leap forward from the Aveo it replaced. High points include sharp styling, nimble handling, a composed ride, generous interior space, ample feature content and quick acceleration. The optional turbocharged four-cylinder, in particular, is a standout in this class. Perhaps most importantly, the Sonic feels like a more premium, substantial car from behind the wheel than its modest price and dimensions would suggest. Buyers would be wise to check it out.

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