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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Clutch and Differential Housing Disassemble

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Powertrain / Transmission/Transaxle / Manual / General / Clutch and Differential Housing Disassemble

Special Tools

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    Remove the vehicle speed sensor bolt (1) and vehicle speed
  1. Remove the vehicle speed sensor bolt (1) and vehicle speed sensor assembly (2).
  2. Remove and discard the vehicle speed sensor O-ring seal (3).

  3. Remove the transmission magnet (1).

  4. Using the T-0207928 retainer remover  (3) with the M-680770 sliding mallet  (2) remove the front wheel drive shaft oil seal assembly (1).

  5. Remove the clutch yoke shaft bushings (1).

  6. Remove the clutch release bearing collar bolt (1).
  7. Remove the clutch release bearing collar (2).
  8. Remove the clutch release bearing collar O-ring seal (3).

  9. Remove the input shaft front bearing assembly (3) using the R-0407010 driver  (2) and the R-0007761 handle  (1).

  10. Remove the main shaft front bearing assembly (1) using the R-0407008 remover .

  11. Remove the shift shaft bushings (3) using the R-0407013 puller  (2) and the M-680770 mallet  (1).

  12. Remove the clutch and differential housing (1) from the R-0007758 holding fixture .
Clutch and Differential Housing Cleaning and Inspection
Warning: Wear safety glasses to avoid injury when using compressed air or any cleaning solvent. Bodily injury may occur if fumes are inhaled or if skin is exposed to chemicals. ...

Differential Case Assemble
Special Tools J-810721 Axle Shaft Seal Remover Support Base R-0407011 Bearing Race Remover R-0407012 Differential Carrier Cone Bearing Cap Driver R-0007761 Universal Handle for Pullers and ...

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