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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Control Valve Body Cleaning and Inspection (Gen 2)

Control Valve Body Cleaning and Inspection


Component Name


Valve springs can be tightly compressed. Use care when removing retainers and plugs. Personal injury could result.


After cleaning the transmission components, allow to air dry. Do not use cloth or paper towels in order to dry any transmission components. Lint from the towels can cause component failure.


Do not reuse cleaning solvents. Previously used solvents may deposit sediment which may damage the component.

Preliminary Procedure

Clean and inspect all valve components and the valve body. The control valve body assembly is only replaceable as an assembly.


Low-Reverse and 4?? Clutch Boost Valve Train


Low-Reverse and 4?? Clutch Regulator Valve Train


1??? Clutch Boost Valve Train


1??? Clutch Regulator Valve Train


2? Clutch Regulator ValveTrain


3? Reverse Clutch Regulator Valve Train


Defualt Override Valve Train


TCC Regulator Apply Valve Train


Clutch Select Valve Train


Actuator Feed Limit Valve Train


Manual Valve

Control Valve Body Assembly Removal
Table 1: Control Valve Body Cover Removal Table 2: Control Solenoid (With Body and TCM) Valve Assembly Removal Table 3: Control Valve Body Assembly Removal ...

Control Valve Body Cover Installation
Control Valve Body Cover Installation Callout Component Name 1 Input Speed Sensor Connector 2 ...

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