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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Battery Negative Cable Replacement

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Electrical / Battery System / Battery Negative Cable Replacement

Battery Negative Cable Replacement


Component Name

Preliminary Procedures

  1. Disconnect the battery current sensor connector.
  2. Remove the battery tray. Refer to Battery Tray Replacement.


Body Harness Terminal Bolt


Refer to Fastener Caution.


9 Y (80 lb in)


Body Harness Terminal


Battery Negative Post Clamp Nut


9 Y (80 lb in)


Battery Negative Frame Ground Nut


22 Y (16 lb ft)


Battery Negative Cable


Transfer the current sensor, noting the location and direction on the cable.

Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection
Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection Callout Component Name Preliminary Procedures Turn on the radio and record all ...

Battery Positive Cable Replacement
Removal Procedure Disconnect the negative battery cable. Refer to Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection. Remove the underhood fuse block cover. Remove the ...

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