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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Engine Oil Cooler Housing Installation

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Powertrain / Engine / Engine Lubrication / Information / Engine Oil Cooler Housing Installation

  1. Clean the engine oil cooler housing to thermostat housing sealing surfaces.
  2. Install 2 NEW gaskets.
  3. h.\.\,.\\..,v:..//
  4. Install the engine oil cooler inlet pipe (3).
  5. Install the engine oil cooler housing (1) and the 5 engine oil cooler bolts (2) and tighten to  25 Y (18 lb ft)


  6. Install the thermostat housing coolant pipe (2) to the engine oil cooler housing.
  7. Install the 2 thermostat housing coolant pipe bolts (1) and tighten to  8 Y (71 lb in)


Engine Oil Cooler Disassemble
Remove the oil cooler coolant inlet hose clamp (2). Remove the oil cooler coolant inlet hose (1). Remove the oil cooler coolant inlet pipe bolt (7) Remove the oil c ...

Engine Oil Cooler Housing Removal
Remove the 2 engine oil cooler pipe bolts (1). Remove the oil cooler pipe (2). h.\.\,.\\..,v:..// Remove the 5 engine oil cooler housing bolts (2 ...

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