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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Intake Manifold Disassemble (1.6L LDE)

    Remove the intake manifold absolute pressure sensor bolt.
  1. Remove the intake manifold absolute pressure sensor bolt.
  2. Remove the manifold absolute pressure sensor (1) from the intake manifold (2).

  3. Remove the intake manifold mount (2) from the intake manifold (1).

  4. Remove the throttle body seal (1).
  5. Remove the intake manifold seal (3) from the intake manifold (2).

  6. Remove the 2 evaporative emission canister purge solenoid valve bracket bolts (2).
  7. Remove the evaporative emission canister purge solenoid valve bracket (1) from the intake manifold (7).
  8. Remove the 2 multiport fuel injection fuel rail bolts (3).
  9. Remove the multiport fuel injection fuel rail (4) and the fuel injectors (5) from the intake manifold (7).
  10. Remove the 4 multiport fuel injector seals (6).
Intake Manifold Disassemble
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Intake Manifold Disassemble (1.8L LUW and LWE)
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