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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Camshaft Sprocket Installation

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Powertrain / Engine / Valvetrain / Camshaft Gears / Camshaft Sprocket Installation

    Install the intake camshaft sprocket (3).
  1. Install the intake camshaft sprocket (3).
  2. Install the intake camshaft position sensor exciter wheel (2) and the intake camshaft sprocket bolt (1), but do not tighten yet.
  3. Install the exhaust camshaft sprocket.
  4. Note:

    Tightening of camshaft sprocket bolts will be done after the engine front cover installation.

  5. Install the exhaust camshaft position sensor exciter wheel and the exhaust camshaft sprocket bolt, but do not tighten yet.
Camshaft Gears

Camshaft Sprocket Removal
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