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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Valve Lifter Installation

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Powertrain / Engine / General / Valve Lifter Installation

Special Tool

EN-845 Suction Device

For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools.


Observe the correct locations.


Coat the sliding surfaces with NEW engine oil.

Install the 16 valve lifter (1), using the EN-845 suction device .

Use of Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) and Anaerobic Sealant
Pipe Joint Compound Note: Three types of sealer are commonly used in engines. These are RTV sealer, anaerobic gasket eliminator sealer, and pipe joint compound. The correct sealer ...

Valve Lifter Removal
Special Tools EN-845 Suction Device For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools. Note: Mark the locations. Remove the 16 valve lifter (1) use the EN-845 suction ...

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Connecting a USB Storage Device or iPod/iPhone
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Tires and Wheels Description and Operation
There are two types of tire and wheel balancing: static and dynamic. Static balance is the equal distribution of weight around the wheel. Assemblies that are statically unbalanced cause a bouncing action called wheel tramp. This condition may eventually cause uneven tire wear. ...

Transmission Fluid Cooler Hose/Pipe Quick-Connect Fitting Disconnection and Connection
Removal Procedure Note: Perform the following procedure when removing the retaining rings and cooler lines from the quick connect fittings located on the radiator and/or the transmission. Pull the plastic cap back from the quick connect fitting and dow ...

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