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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Ignition Coil Replacement

Special Tools

EN-6009 Remover and Installer Ignition Coil

For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools.

Removal Procedure

    Remove the engine wiring harness guide (1) from the
  1. Remove the engine wiring harness guide (1) from the cylinder head.
  2. Disconnect the ignition coil electrical connector (2).
  3. Note:

    Note the arrow on the cover.

  4. Remove the cover of the ignition coil in the direction of the arrow.
  5. Remove the ignition coil bolts.

  6. Install the EN-6009 remover/installer (1).
  7. Remove the ignition coil (2).
  8. Remove the EN-6009 remover/installer (1).
Installation Procedure

    Install the EN-6009 remover/installer (1).
  1. Install the EN-6009 remover/installer (1).
  2. Install the ignition coil (2).
  3. Remove the EN-6009 remover/installer (1).
  4. Install the ignition coil fasteners and tighten to 8 Y (71 lb in)


  5. Note:

    Note the arrow on the cover.

  6. Install the ignition coil cover in the opposite direction of the arrow.

  7. Connect the ignition coil electrical connector (2).
  8. Install the engine wiring harness guide (1) at the cylinder head.
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