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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Seat Belt Latch Stop Installation

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Seat Belt Latch Stop Installation


Component Name

Preliminary Procedure

  1. Locate the hole in the seat belt webbing where the original seat belt stop button was located.
  2. If the original hole in the seat belt webbing is not visible, perform the following:
  • If either the right or left stop button is missing use the opposing seat belt as a reference.
  • With the opposing seat belt fully stowed, measure the distance between the seat belt lower anchor and the stop button.
  • Using the measurement obtained above, measure and mark the location of the missing stop button on the center of the seat belt webbing.
  • Ensure the seat belt latch plate is located above the mark or original hole.
  • 1

    Seat Belt Stop Button


    1. Work the male half of the stop button through the hole in the webbing or at the marked location.
    2. Align the female half of the stop button with the male half of the stop button.
    3. Snap the two halves together.
    4. Trim off any access of the male half of the stop button flush with the female half of the stop button.


    Ensure the male half of the stop button is facing forward in the vehicle in order to ensure the stop button will not snag customers clothing.

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