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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Exhaust Rear Muffler Replacement (LUV,LUW)

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Powertrain / Engine / Engine Block / Exhaust2 / Exhaust Rear Muffler Replacement (LUV,LUW)

Special Tools

CH-6614 Chain Pipe Cutter

For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools.

Removal Procedure


Refer to Exhaust Service Warning.

  1. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle.

  2. Cut the exhaust rear muffler (2) with the CH-6614 pipe cutter at position (1).

  3. Remove the rear exhaust muffler (2) from the exhaust isolators (1).
  4. Sand smooth the front exhaust pipe for ease of installation.
Installation Procedure

    Install the new rear exhaust muffler (2) into the exhaust isolators.
  1. Install the new rear exhaust muffler (2) into the exhaust isolators.

  2. Caution:

    Refer to Fastener Caution.


    There are 3 different exhaust muffler clamps depending on the diameter of the exhaust pipe.

  3. Position the exhaust front pipe (3) into the exhaust muffler clamp.
  4. Install the rear exhaust muffler (2) into the exhaust muffler clamp and tighten the bolt (1) to 50 Y (37 lb ft)


  5. Lower the vehicle.
  6. Start the engine and check for exhaust leaks.
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