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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Rear Window Reveal Molding Replacement

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Body / Glass & Windows / Side Windows / Rear Window Reveal Molding Replacement

Rear Window Reveal Molding Replacement


Component Name

Preliminary Procedures

Remove the rear window to replace the reveal molding. Refer to Rear Window Replacement.


Rear Window Reveal Molding


Refer to Glass and Sheet Metal Handling Warning.


  1. Mark the window at both ends before remove the reveal molding for installing.
  2. Place the window on a clean and dry surface.
  3. Use a suitable plastic tool, use care when releasing the reveal molding not to pry on the window.
  4. Clean around the edges and surface of the window and molding with a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water by volume on a dampened lint free cloth.
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