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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Climate control system


One of the following options may be available, depending on vehicle equipment:

The climate control system warms, cools, dehumidifies, and filters the air in the vehicle interior.

It is the most effective when the windows and panoramic glass roof* are closed. If there is a build-up of heat inside the vehicle, ventilation can help to speed up the cooling process.

The deluxe climate control system automatically maintains a temperature once it has been set. In all heating mode functions except defrost, the blower only switches to a higher speed once the coolant has reached a certain temperature.

Active combination filter

When the fan is running, the filter will reduce particulate matter and the concentration of pollen, as well as odors in the interior.

For the sake of the environment

Energy can be saved by switching off the A/C mode.



Fig. 88 Center console: lower display and switch panel
Fig. 88 Center console: lower display and switch panel

Settings are adjusted using both displays, the switch panel in the center console, and the control panel in the rear. For information on how to operate the touch displays, see > Touch displays.

You can adjust all climate control system settings in the front; only certain functions are available in the rear.

Lower display

The lower display has two sections with controls: You can regulate the blower and the air distribution automatically using AUTO in area (1). You can also apply individual settings here.

In area (2), you can switch individual climate control system functions on and off.

Switch panel in the center console

Both the and buttons to defog windows as quickly as possible are located in area (3).

Upper display

In the upper display, you can switch additional functions on and off, display them, and adjust settings.

Control panel in rear

You can operate certain climate control functions in the rear using the control panel.


A climate control function from the upper display can be assigned to each button to the left and right of in area (2).

Warm and cold

Press the buttons to turn the functions on or off. One bar in the button or the LED in the button will light up when the function is switched on. Some buttons can have several functions assigned to ...

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