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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Control Valve Channel Plate Cleaning and Inspection (6T30/40/45/50 - Gen 2)

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Powertrain / Transmission/Transaxle / Automatic / General / Control Valve Channel Plate Cleaning and Inspection (6T30/40/45/50 - Gen 2)


Control Valve Channel Plate Cleaning and Inspection


Component Name


Control Valve Body Spacer Plate Retainer


Channel Plate to Valve Body Spacer Plate Assembly


Actuator Feed Accumulator Piston (Qty: 5)


Actuator Feed Accumulator Spring (Qty: 5)


Variable Hi and 2-3-4 Clutch Housing Valve Ball


Valve Channel Plate


Inspect the channel plate bolt pass through holes for damage or brinelling. Any damage will cause incorrect pressure switch operation. Replace as necessary.


Control Valve Channel Plate Ball Spring Assembly

Control Valve Body Spacer Plate Assembly - Case Side

Definitions and Abbreviations
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