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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Electrical Center Identification Views

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Electrical / General / Electrical Center Identification Views

Figure 1: X70A Relay Block - Underhood Label (LUV)
Figure 2: X70A Relay Block - Underhood, Top View (LUV)
Figure 3: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood Label (LUV)
Figure 4: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood Label (LUW)
Figure 5: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood Label (LWE)
Figure 6: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood, Top View (LUV or LUW)
Figure 7: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood, Top View (LWE)
Figure 8: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood, Bottom View
Figure 9: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood X1
Figure 10: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood X2
Figure 11: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood X3
Figure 12: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood X4
Figure 13: X50D Fuse Block - Battery, Top View
Figure 14: X50D Fuse Block - Battery X1
Figure 15: X50D Fuse Block - Battery X2
Figure 16: X50D Fuse Block - Battery X3
Figure 17: X50D Fuse Block - Battery X4
Figure 18: X51A Fuse Block - Instrument Panel Label
Figure 19: X51A Fuse Block - Instrument Panel, Top View
Figure 20: X51A Fuse Block - Instrument Panel, Wire Entry
Figure 21: X51A Fuse Block - Instrument Panel X1
Door Lock and Ignition Lock Folding Key Blade Removal and Installation
Special Tools BO-51098 Flip Key Blade Fixture For equivalent region tools, refer to Special Tools. Caution: Failure to properly support the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitte ...

Electrical Power Management Description and Operation
Electrical Power Management The electrical power management is used to monitor and control the charging system and alert the driver of possible problems within the charging system. The ...

Other materials:

Starting Procedure
1. With your foot off the accelerator pedal, turn the ignition to START. When the engine cranks, let go of the key. The idle speed will go down as the engine gets warm. The vehicle has a Computer-Controlled Cranking System. It assists in starting the engine and protects components. If the ign ...

Special Tools (MIT Tool Instructions)
Bluetooth Pairing for Vehicles with Radio RPO: UF7 Either reset the pin code on the radio to 0000, or go under Device Info on the radio and see what the pin code is (to enter it later on the MIT). Turn the BT discoverable ON in the radio Bluetooth settings. Press Pair De ...

2-6 Clutch Piston Installation (6T30)
2-6 Clutch Piston Installation Callout Component Name 1 2? Clutch Piston Assembly Note: Position the 2? piston air bleed and large slot toward the top of the case. DT-48271 seal protector pr ...

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