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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Electrical Center Identification Views

Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual / Electrical / General / Electrical Center Identification Views

Figure 1: X70A Relay Block - Underhood Label (LUV)
Figure 2: X70A Relay Block - Underhood, Top View (LUV)
Figure 3: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood Label (LUV)
Figure 4: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood Label (LUW)
Figure 5: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood Label (LWE)
Figure 6: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood, Top View (LUV or LUW)
Figure 7: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood, Top View (LWE)
Figure 8: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood, Bottom View
Figure 9: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood X1
Figure 10: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood X2
Figure 11: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood X3
Figure 12: X50A Fuse Block - Underhood X4
Figure 13: X50D Fuse Block - Battery, Top View
Figure 14: X50D Fuse Block - Battery X1
Figure 15: X50D Fuse Block - Battery X2
Figure 16: X50D Fuse Block - Battery X3
Figure 17: X50D Fuse Block - Battery X4
Figure 18: X51A Fuse Block - Instrument Panel Label
Figure 19: X51A Fuse Block - Instrument Panel, Top View
Figure 20: X51A Fuse Block - Instrument Panel, Wire Entry
Figure 21: X51A Fuse Block - Instrument Panel X1
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