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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Settings

Applies to: vehicles with navigation system

You can adjust the navigation system settings in the instrument cluster and in the MMI display separately. The settings depend on the country and vehicle equipment.

Accessing settings

Accessing settings using the multifunction steering wheel

A setting made using the multifunction steering wheel only applies to the instrument cluster map.

Traffic: you can display current traffic information on the map.

Map colors

Map orientation

Automatic zoom

MMI map contents/Map content: you can switch the display of additional information (such as POls) on the map in the center display on or off.

Voice guidance

Voice guidance: with the Traffic setting, the MMI will only give prompts if there are traffic incidents on your route.

Voice guidance during phone call

Entertainment fader during navigation: the audio playback volume is temporarily lowered when navigation prompts are active.

Route criteria

You can adjust which route criteria should be allowed or avoided for the route calculation.

HOV/carpool lanes


Toll roads


Route information

When this function is switched on and route guidance is active, route information fig. 149 is displayed. The next maneuver will be displayed at the bottom. POls and traffic information will also be displayed. Press route information to display a preview of the next maneuver on the map. You can switch the following information on or off in route information.

Predictive route guidance

The predictive route guidance is switched off when the vehicle is delivered from the factory.

Your trips are recorded and destinations are suggested by the MMI when this function is switched on.

Presentation mode

In presentation mode, the system simulates driving on the display along the planned route without the vehicle actually moving. You can use Specify starting point when you would like to calculate a route starting from a location other than the current vehicle position, for example.

Simulating route guidance: start route guidance and press presentation mode.


You can change the volume of navigation announcements while one is playing.

Traffic incidents
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