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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Shortcuts

By creating shortcuts, you have quick access to various items, such as radio stations, frequently used contacts, or vehicle settings.

Adding shortcuts

A button in the upper display indicates, for example, if a selected radio station can be added to the shortcuts. Depending on the context, you may also be able to add items from a list to the shortcuts.

Using shortcuts

Moving or deleting shortcuts

Text input

Fig. 16 Upper/lower display: text input
Fig. 16 Upper/lower display: text input

In the input fields of various menus, you can enter letters, numbers and characters, for example to find an address in navigation.

The text that is currently entered is displayed in the center display (1). Depending on the context, word suggestions may be given based on the characters that have been entered (2) and results may be shown (3).

Opening text input

Switching input languages

Requirement: multiple input languages must be defined in the MMI.

Switching the input methods

Entering text

Accepting suggested words or selecting entries from the results list

Setting the input language or keyboard layout

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