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Chevrolet Sonic Repair Manual: Steering Angle Sensor Centering

The steering angle sensor does not require centering often. Centering of the steering angle sensor might be required after certain service procedures are performed. Some of these procedures are as follows:

The steering angle sensor centering procedure can be completed with a scan tool using the following steps:

  1. Using the steering wheel, align the front wheels forward.
  2. Apply the parking brake, or set the transmission in the Park.
  3. Install the scan tool to the data link connector.
  4. Turn the ignition ON, and the engine OFF.
  5. Select Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Reset in the Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Module Control Functions list.
  6. Follow the scan tool directions to complete the reset procedure.
  7. Select Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Learn in the Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Module Functions list.
  8. Follow the scan tool directions to complete the learn procedure.
  9. Clear any DTCs that may be set.

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