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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: System settings


General settings are described in this chapter.

You can find specific settings in the chapters about those settings. The available settings depend on the vehicle equipment.

Date and time

Possible settings:

Measurement units

Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: SETTINGS > General > Measurement units.

Possible settings:

Language and keyboard


You can change the languages for the display, navigation announcements, and the voice recognition system.


Requirement: an audio source must be active.

Possible settings:


You can optimize the sound distribution for various locations in the vehicle.

3D effect

You can adjust the intensity of the 3D effect.

With the Medium setting, you will hear an optimal 3D effect for all sources.

Announcements and tones

Possible settings:


Adjust the volume of the audio system so that signals from outside the vehicle, such as police and fire sirens, can be heard easily at all times.


The volume is automatically adjusted to a preset level when the MMI is switched on.



You can select a setting for visibility of the MMI to other Bluetooth devices. To connect a new Bluetooth device, the Visible setting must be selected.

If Invisible is selected, a Bluetooth connection will only be possible with paired devices.

If Off is selected, no Bluetooth device can be connected.

Bluetooth audio player

When this function is switched on, the profile will load automatically when your Bluetooth audio player is within range.

Bluetooth name

The MMI's Bluetooth name is displayed and can be changed.


The name of the Wi-Fi hotspot and the Bluetooth name are automatically compared when there are changes.

Factory default settings

Requirement: the ignition must be switched on.

The settings will be reset. The system will restart.

This may take some time.


Make sure that not only the settings were deleted but also the stored data, if applicable.

Additional settings

Software update
Introduction Applies to: vehicles with software update You can update your vehicle's software. The functions depend on the country and vehicle equipment: Update through the online system update Map ...

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