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Audi Q7 (4M) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Voice recognition system

General information

Applies to: vehicles with voice recognition system

You can operate many functions in the vehicle easily using voice commands.

Using the voice recognition system optimally



There are no voice guidance* prompts when a dialog is active.


Operating the voice recognition system

Applies to: vehicles with voice recognition system

Fig. 17 Upper display: voice recognition system
Fig. 17 Upper display: voice recognition system

Requirement: the ignition and the MMI must be switched on. A system language supported by the voice recognition system must be set. There must be no phone calls in progress and the parking aid must not be active.

Operating by button

Operating with voice commands

Commands and assistance

In the voice recognition system menu, possible commands or help settings are displayed for the current dialog (3).

Additional functions

Applies to: vehicles with voice recognition system

Command during voice output

If the function is switched on, you can simply say a new command during a prompt.

Online recognizer

Applies to: vehicles with online recognizer

You can activate the online recognizer for additional functions and to improve the results of voice recognition. A supported menu language must be selected. When there is an active Internet connection, the spoken command is evaluated in the vehicle and online.

Amazon Alexa

Applies to: vehicles with Amazon Alexa Integration

You can activate Amazon Alexa to access certain functions. A reduced number of commands for Amazon Alexa are available during this.

Requirement: you must be logged in to your myAudi account in the vehicle. The online recognizer must be activated. A system language that is supported by both the voice recognition system and Amazon Alexa must be selected.


Read the information about Audi connect, and be sure to note the connectivity costs section in General information.


Audi provides access to services from third party providers. Permanent availability cannot be guaranteed, because that depends on the third party provider.

External voice operation

Applies to: vehicles with external speech dialog system

You can access and control the voice operation on a connected mobile device through your vehicle.

Switching external voice operation on or off

Requirement: the ignition and the MMI must be switched on. A cell phone must be connected to the MMI with the Handsfree profile.

The mobile device being connected must have voice control that can be controlled externally.

There must be no phone calls in progress and the parking aid must not be active.

Using external voice operation


Audi simply provides access to control your cell phone with voice operation and does not take any responsibility for the contents and commands within the external voice control.

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